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About Spinal Solution Centers in Pooler

On a Mission for a Healthier Coastal Georgia

Relief or wellness care... it's your choice.

Wellness care to help you live your best life

After working for the last 6 years in a successful family wellness practice in metro Atlanta, where Dr. Tinker grew up, he has now settled his family into coastal Georgia.

Located close to Savannah, in in Pooler, GA, Spinal Solution Centers is in a rapidly growing area in which many young, healthy families are excited to call home.

“I’m looking forward to helping members of our community discover true health and wellness through corrective chiropractic care.”

Our primary goal is to teach you how you can realize your goals and empower you to achieve them!

Whether short or long term, we’ll address your conditions using personalized care and set you up for a lifetime of good health and wellness.

Personalized Care – Backed by Research
& Designed to Attain Results

State-of-the-art chiropractic care

As one of the only facilities in the area equipped and certified in ChiropracticBioPhysics®, corrective spinal care at Dr. Tinker’s office is unlike most traditional chiropractic care that you may have experienced. CBP® is an incredibly effective system that pairs state-of-the-art digital X-ray analysis with custom corrective care plans that include spinal adjustments, traction and exercises when necessary.

This allows Spinal Solution Centers to address a wide variety of conditions using research-based protocols that are specific to each patient’s unique spinal structure and neurological function. Then, using a wide variety of data collected throughout their care, patients are shown measurable indicators of their progress.

We spend countless hours of ongoing training and education beyond the standard chiropractic curriculum so that you can receive the best possible care that is truly tailored to get the results you are seeking.

At Spinal Solution Centers we can tell you precisely what’s involved in your condition, how long it should take to correct, and track your progress along the way so you can see the results as well as feel the difference!

We’ll combine chiropractic care and exercises here and at home to help you heal sooner. Through neuromuscular re-education and chiropractic care, we can correct problems now before progressing into something more serious.

A Shift in the Paradigm

Chiropractic care you and your family
can count on

Dr. Tinker wants to help those in the Pooler, Rincon, Savannah, and surrounding areas shift from reactionary “sick care” to true healthcare. People are starting to realize that taking a pill for their pain simply masks symptoms while their true underlying condition worsens.

“It’s now time for all of us to really step up and take responsibly for our health… The current “health care” model is failing in the United States because so few people understand that caring for their own health is a conscious, ongoing process and does not simply mean that we go see a doctor after their health begins to fail. It’s time to start being more proactive about our health so we don’t have to be reactive in the future.”

Dr. Tinker will help you understand that your health is in your own hands. It’s your job to maintain it throughout your life. He will educate you on preventative wellness care as opposed to waiting until you’re in pain to seek care. And, when you are in pain, he’ll help you understand that pain isn’t the problem…it’s the dysfunction of the underlying issue.

Fortunately, if your condition has progressed to this point, Dr. Tinker is well qualified to correct many of these issues and prevent further progression.

Wellness for The Whole Family

We’re here to offer family corrective care and wellness care to everyone from newborns to those ninety years young. If you need relief care, wellness care or have a complex health issue you’d like to resolve, we’re here to help!

Ready to experience how great you can feel? Let Dr. Tinker and his dedicated staff show you!

Call (912) 231-7277 to get started today.