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Special Events and Workshops

We partner with you to help you reach your personal best health

Patient Education is Our Foundation

Dr. Tinker looks forward to teaching Pooler all about wellness, starting right here in the Spinal Solution Centers. We believe the foundation of successful health care is education, so as a gift to our community we are excited to offer a wide variety of health related information to keep you up to date of the latest research, information and trends in subjects such as spinal health, nutrition, child care and workplace ergonomics.

We do educational talks because you deserve to know the truth about your health. We’ll educate you in a fun, engaging atmosphere and make sure you leave with the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your life.

  • In-Office Spinal Solution Workshops
    We offer regular educational classes on why spinal health is vital to maintaining a healthy, vibrant life. Emphasis is placed on spinal hygiene and the role that a properly functioning nervous system plays in allowing you to reach your daily and lifetime achievement goals. We offer an entry level course as well as an advanced spinal workshop featuring current spinal and neurological research. These workshops are open to new and current Spinal Solution Centers’ patients as well as non-patient members of the community at no cost to the attendees.
  • Health Presentations in the Community
    If you think your business, school, church group or social club could benefit from one of the many educational health presentations offered by Dr. Tinker, simply contact Spinal Solution Centers to schedule an event at no cost to you or your organization.
  • Dinner and Discussion
    We gather and discuss different topics relevant to healthcare. The subjects change regularly and often reflect current events, so you can always expect relevant and exciting information.

Call us today to sign up for an event! (912) 231-7277