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Meet Dr. Justin Tinker

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Pooler chiropractor Dr. Justin Tinker

Dr. Justin Tinker

Dr. Tinker grew up around chiropractic care. Being adjusted from a very young age, he’s experienced the benefits of chiropractic care first hand. “That alone was motivation for me to become chiropractor myself,” says Dr. Tinker.

“I want to share the benefits of corrective chiropractic care with my community, by educating and enabling them to realize their goals.”

The Truth about Chiropractic

Dr. Tinker attended and graduated from Life University of Chiropractic. Although he grew up under chiropractic care, Dr. Tinker explains how it was during his time at Life University, when he truly “got it.”

“True health care requires a global perspective,” says Dr. Tinker. “Any deficiency or imbalance in one part of your body, especially the spine and nervous system, will affect the health of your entire body.”

“Chiropractic is challenging and fulfilling because you don’t just look at the symptoms. There is an entire process where you look at the whole person, find the root of the problem and then help them heal.”

A Passion for Helping Patients “Get It”

Dr. Tinker wants his patients to “get it”, the same way he “got it” when he was learning about chiropractic and health. “I love when patients come in and start to understand, ask questions and try to be proactive by taking responsibility for their health so they can begin to heal.” Dr. Tinker explains the process. “As patients begin to understand that true health isn’t just how they feel or look in that moment, but is actually an ongoing process that starts within, they are usually eager to set personal health and lifestyle goals and begin making the changes necessary to see these visions become reality.”

Dr. Tinker enjoys seeing the positive effects chiropractic care has on the entire family. “When a patient understands what true health is and shares that experience with their whole family, that’s what I love.” Dr. Tinker has a passion to help everyone achieve their unique vision for health, from high intensity athletes to pregnant moms, infants and toddlers to teenagers. “With each stage of life come unique stresses and challenges to your spine and nervous system.”

At Spinal Solution Centers, we provide care specifically designed to address the ways these stresses have compromised your ability to heal, grow and thrive. While most patients recognize how car accidents or sports injuries can damage the spine and nervous system, very few people are aware that some of the most significant spinal trauma can happen in the first moments of life during the birth process.

If the spine has been even slightly injured during delivery, the foundation upon which the child grows and develops can be compromised, resulting in health problems which may not surface until later in life. “We can certainly help patients with complicated, long-standing conditions; however, it is much easier and faster to correct these underlying problems before they progress to the point where they cause pain and disability.” This is why Dr. Tinker recommends regular spinal checkups for anyone who wishes to maintain proper health without having to result to future “crisis care”.

Embracing Outdoor Life with Family

Recently moving back to the Chatham County from Atlanta, Dr. Tinker enjoys spending time with his family on the water, at the beach, playing sports with his son Kellen and just getting outside and staying active. “Working with the kids in our community is my favorite way to give back” Says Dr. Tinker, “it gives me an opportunity to help build a foundation of wellness for the next generation.”

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